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    I just installed the propulsion theme, and now all my pages are not found. I currently have a bilingual site using WPML. There seems to be something wrong with the permalink structure. I tried setting it to default and back to day/name as required by WPML, but am still getting the problem with this theme.

    Please help! I am currently building this on a test server here.



    There’s also another problem which may or may not be related to the above issue. As I am making template changes to the default language (Spanish) these changes are not affecting the English site. (For example, I selected one footer column in the template options section, but I still have 4 columns in the English site).

    Furthermore, when I go to the WordPress left sidebar menu, the Propulsion Theme option appears as “Propulsion (ES)” – why is this happening? So where do I set the other languages? Does that mean I have to duplicate all the settings for all the languages I have somewhere else? Shouldn’t I be able to set it once and the settings affect everything?


    The new framework will create a new (different) option set for each language. Thus you need to set up the options for each language individually. Although this solution requires more work it’s also way more flexible. You can set the languages by using WPML. Propulsion just displays the current language which you’ve selected in the admin area.

    Re permalink issue: Make sure that your htaccess file is writeable and go to Settings > Permalinks. Hit the save button several times and reload/refresh the page afterwards.


    First issue: I don’t understand. I don’t see any option for setting up the English. Are you saying I have to have two different sites? I only see Propulsion (ES). Where would I enable Propulsion (EN)?

    Second issue: We have battled this issue in-depth, testing on different servers, themes, removing plugins, etc. I also have an experienced WP programmer on board and he is baffled. Yes, the .htaccess file is rewriteable (644) and we’ve reset the permalinks several times and reloaded the pages. Nothing works. What is the problem causing this? If this doesn’t work, then we cannot use the theme.

    Why is this only affecting pages and not blog posts?

    Please advise. Thanks.


    1) As soon as you switch the language in the admin area (dropdown at the top – eg switch from EN to ES) the Theme option panel name will change to (from Propulsion (ES) to Propulsion (EN) and vice versa).

    2) Afaik 644 does not allow WP to rewrite the file. Probably you’ll need to set the permission to 777 and after the rewrite process change it to 444 or 440 because of security reasons.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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