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    I have gone into two of my posts on and selected images and made them “featured images”. I also made sure that the slider is set, it’s set to fade, use full images, etc. But the feature images are only appearing on the top of each post. I want the featured images to all come together at the top of my blog and rotate. If a user clicks on that image in the large slider, I then want it to direct someone to the single post associated with that image. Am I supposed to add some special code to make this happen?



    Hi BillThorness,

    On the right hand side of the post editor there should be a box labeled Featured Images. It looks like:


    Make sure you are using this box to add in your images for the featured images of that post. You can select Insert Image to add your first one and then hit the + symbol on the bottom left to add additional images.




    I’ve done that, you can see it on my homepage. The issue I’m having is it’s only showing images from my last post. I want to be able to have the slider show images from say, my five most recent posts. That way a user arrives, sees an image, is interested, and when they click they head to that post only. Right now the images I have scrolling only take a user all to the same post.


    I know this isn’t even a blog, this is a company, but see how this slider each image takes you somewhere new?

    That’s what I want the slider on my homepage to do. Each image pulling from a different blog post. Click it, and you go to that post. Is this possible?


    Hey BillThorness,

    In that case, you would need to use a separate plugin to create a slider with similar functionality and then insert the code to display it in the index.php before the loop of posts gets output.

    As far as I know the theme doesn’t have support without some significant re-coding to get that kind of effect.




    That’s a shame. I feel like this theme was billed/advertised incorrectly then. I purchased it because I thought that’s what it could do.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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