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    Hi there,

    Firebug is totally bugging me out.

    I love all the extra features like Firediff and Colour picker.

    But it just doesn’t show the CSS that Inspector does. I click on exactly the same div tag, which I need Inspector to find for me, then the rules (from my custom css) just don’t show, nada. So I have to go back to Inspector.

    ANy thoughts? Either how I should be using Firebug. Or addons for FF Inspect to give it the same func.

    Nice one,



    Hi ediblecities,

    Chrome’s Inspect Element will work fine in all regards. I don’t use anything else since you can also add in plenty of styles live into the inspector stylesheet.




    That’s cool. A Firebug reinstall seems to have done the trick.

    It’s good to have the Track Changes function (Firediff) and the live colour picking facility also.

    Nice one,




    Glad it is fixed.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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