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    I’m stuck with inserting video content. I’ve created a ‘feedback’ template, with a series of text and one portfolio area. In the portfolio area I would like to insert 6 videos, so have set up the template to do so. When I go into the page and add media (2 videos so far), I try a preview and the videos have not been loaded.

    Should I create a new portfolio item, or category? I’m a bit lost here (as you can tell I am still a newbie, so apologise for taking up your time)

    What process do I need to follow, as the documentation doesn’t cover this (does for slideshow, including putting video into slideshow, but not for video into portfolio)?



    you can add videos by:

    1) using the featured image options of the portfolio items – just paste your video link in the “custom link” field – it will be applied to the image and open up in a lightbox.

    2) using the featured image options of the portfolio items – use the “external url” field of the media uploader to add the video link (youtube, vimeo, etc. directly) (i.e. like: )


    I entered one video as a Portfolio item and it puts it into the first place, which means I can now enter 5 more in the order I expect to show them.

    So, what happens when I want to create another portfolio of different videos? How do I choose position in the portfolio?



    One of the limitation of WP is setting the order of posts. Currently, the only way to do it is by date order (either ascending or descending) so for now you need to modify the published date / time to move posts around.



    Hi James

    Thanks for the tip. I appreciate you steering me with WP advice and will adapt accordingly.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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