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    Hi. This is probably right in front of me but I can’t figure it out.

    I need to add an image (or perhaps multiple images) to my homepage. As far as I can see there are two areas to edit the homepage – 1. the “Welcome” page (Where I can see various shortcodes plus the text content for the tabbed widget) and 2. the Frontpage/Template Builder where I can drag & drop Elements.

    Can anyone tell me how to add a regular image or images without have to create a post? I’m actually going to build a table of images and hyperlink them individually to categories within my shop.

    Anyone have any advice?


    Ps. Is there a “best way” to have an “index” of shop categories on my Homepage? Is there a widget/shortcode/woocommerce plugin?


    I used the template builder:

    Horizontal Ruler

    Columns (4) – Direct Text Input, no image above text and html code in text box

    <div class='slideshow_container'><ul class='fade_slider slideshow'><li class='featured featured_container1'><a href="link-to-page-here" title="link-title"><img src="link-to-source" alt="image-alt-title" /></a></div>
    <a href="link-to-page" title="link-title">link text here</a>

    check out for how i set up the home page using combination of template builder and a static homepage if it helps you…


    Thanks Steve.

    Your site looks great. The category index on the Homepage is exactly what I want. However, I’m not having any luck with the code you sent me (I’m new to coding).

    The best I’ve got is Image Frames with Text Titles underneath. No Images and no Active Links. Obviously I’m not coding correctly.

    I’ve pasted the following:

    <div class=’slideshow_container’><ul class=’fade_slider slideshow’><li class=’featured featured_container1′></div>Pushcairs & Prams

    (I’ve replaced my full site address above with the words “mysite”)

    I can see that I haven’t included a link for an image. Is it picked up automatically by the slideshow from my category image?

    Any advice?



    Hey webworxni,

    I added code tags to Steve’s code above so its easier to read and copy. See if that helps you get what you are looking for :)




    I have been struggling with my homepage, and stumbled upon this thread through my searches. I am wondering how you use a combination of the template builder and a static homepage to build a front page, like Steve above? I can’t get anything from the static home page to show up. Only the content from the dynamic template appears.

    Do you add content to the blank “content” area? If so, it’s not working for me.

    I would like to include tabbed content (I assume that is what it is called) like Steve has on the lower part of his page, and like that which is also on the Replete demo home page. I’m having zero success getting it to appear from the static version of the page. I’m using the shortcode insertion icon to add it. Is this wrong? I can’t find an option to add it in the template builder. Oh, I’m so confused.

    Thanks in advance!


    Update to my question. I was able to get shortcodes to work from within the template builder. I found some code here:

    But I’m left with 2 questions:

    1. Can you input anything from the static page level and have it show up if you have built a dynamic template and are using that for your static page?

    2. The feature I want is not tabbed content after all. So what is that called – the thing that is on Steve’s homepage (above) and also on the homepage of the Replete demo, and where would I find the code for it?

    Many, many thanks!


    Hi creatorofstuff,

    You just need to add a post/page content element into your dynamic template to tell the template “display the content of this page in this area of the template”.




    Thank you very much. As for the second question above, can you answer that one, too, please? Thanks again! :)


    Never mind. Figured it out. Thanks again.

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