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    I’m trying to add additional photos underneath the featured images photo like here:

    Please help


    Hi jcoles12,

    You’ll need to go to the media uploader just above the visual editor and select Add Media. In the media selector that pops up go to Media Library then use the dropdown to select “Uploaded to this post”. If you don’t have more than one photo you’ll then need to select the files from your computer that you want to use. Upload them and then you can select them to be part of the gallery for that item.

    Unfortunately the only way to add additional photos is to upload them since the editor is now using the default wordpress editor.




    Hi Devin,

    I have the same problem as jcoles12 and I’m not able to get it done right.

    The additional images always going into the description or short description as well but I only want to have them underneath the featured image *blame on me*

    Unfortunatly I use a german version, I want to explain what I have tried so far in german:

    Going to the specific product > select “Dateien hinzufügen” (add media i suppose) above the top visual editor > “Medien hinzufügen” pops up with “Mediathek” tab selected by default > use the dropdown to “Zu diesem Beitrag hochgeladen” (Uploaded to this post), I can see the featured image only there > I go to sub tab “Dateien hochladen” (upload files) and drop two more images into the area > HERE I start to hang loose, cause I cannot find some switch to get them to the gallery only. So I say “In den Beitrag einfügen” (ie add to post). They are now underneatz the featured image but as well as large images in the posts description area :(

    What do I do wrong???

    I’ve been watching the Abundance Theme Demo 5 Part 2 video tut, but obviously it is total different to replete, there is no product images side widget as in abundance product admin…

    any idea

    Thanks a lot



    I wasn’t clear enough in my previous post. 3.5 is a bit different so this should work better for you :)

    Go to Add Media:


    Select Create Gallery


    Next select Media Library and use the dropdown to select


    Use the dropdown to select “Uploaded to this post”.

    Select the images you want to use for the product gallery and click “Create a new Gallery”


    Next, hit the button to Insert Gallery. Once it has been inserted into the post you can delete it. Update the product and you should now see the images under the main photo.

    I’ll have to put together another step by step to clean up the process but I just went through and this works. If you need to add more photos at any time, just use Add Media>Insert Media>Upload Files. That should automatically attach it to the attached Gallery which will in turn attach it to the product gallery.

    Sorry about the confusion.




    OK, thanks, yes it was confusing that it have to be deleted from the editor area


    I prefer Kriesi’s own image management but it doesn’t work with as many WooCommerce plugins so he opted for the built in image management for Replete. Still has some fine tuning :)




    Hi Devin,

    I followed all your steps and added gallery.

    But it just post under the post or product description but not under the featured image.


    Did you delete the gallery shortcode from the text content? If it doesn’t work atm I’d suggest to wait a bit (maybe 2 weeks). WC2.0 comes with a new “gallery thumbnail” option field which allows you to attach existing media gallery images to your products. I tested this feature with Replete 1.0 and it works just fine.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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