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    I recently created an infographic which is 980px wide. I wanted to create a post which will feature only infographic and nothing else. Everything looks nice and indeed, the infographic is displayed in fullwidth with no sidebar (When browsing post). However, when I go back to the homepage, fullwidth has affected all layout. All I wanted was for that 1 particular post to display as an fullwidth.

    Also, sorry, my English might not be so good, but I tried to explain as best as I could. I hope somebody helps me with this. Thanks!



    please elaborate – do you use a dynamic template? Or a hardcoded template?

    I’d create a dynamic template with a post/page content element and apply it to the specific “infographic” page.


    I created a dynamic template with post content element and applied it to the specific page. However, the problem still persists – everything is showing as it should when entering post, but homepage has been affected by that template. Sorry to bother you with these kinds of questions but this theme is complex and right now I don’t have any clue.


    To be more exact, is there a way to set a specific template for frontpage so that it would never change?


    Please create me a wp admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it. To be honest I don’t understand why the template of one post/page would affect the homepage as long as this page isn’t uses as homepage….


    Ok – I could reproduce the error. I used a workaround on your website (homepage + dynamic blog template) to display the sidebar. I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it asap.


    Thank You So Much for this! I can finally start working again and produce good content for everybody.

    I wish You all the best!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Umm I hate to say it, but infographic displays fullwidth on IE and FF, but on Chrome all is OK.


    It has something to do with base.css

    img.scale-with-grid {

    max-width: 100%;


    img, a img {

    max-width: 100%;


    Trying to figure something out, will try to maybe somehow rewrite template files, I think it definitely has something to do with all this.


    Ok I think I figured something out. So the thing is that it displays an image 100% width on homepage which is 980px (infographic – the only thing in that blog post). An easy way out would be just to add a featured image of 550px and then putting a ”Read more” tag. I just did it and everything looks fine. I just thought maybe it would be possbile to display infographic only and nothing else?

    To be more precise, is it possible to display only infographic without post title, slideshow and meta box?



    no this is not possible without modifying the templates quite a bit. You can limit the size of content images with following code:

    .sidebar_right img, .sidebar_right a img {
    max-width: 70%;

    You can replace 70% with any other value.


    Ok, I’ll look into template editing because the more familiar I get where things are, the more easily things can be fixed in future. Also, thanks for the fix :)

    Best regards,



    Hey Dude, I just wanted to know if Kriesi already knows about this and wanted to ask if there will be some fix for this theme?

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