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    I’m using corona and changes the icons on top to a larger size 45px by 45px. But the hover does not cover the entire image, it is still using the dimensions of the old image.

    Where can I change that reference so the hover state with the rollover will work over the entire image.

    Thank you.



    Its an illusion. In reality the hover effect is there, but its hard to see because the lower half of each icon is on a background of a different color then the top half. The tooltips also partially cover the bottom half. If you remove the tooltips and the background image, you can see that the effect envelops the full image –> .. I couldnt take a snapshot so i recorded 5 seconds.





    Thanks but I’m not sure understand. The tool tip only works on half of the element. Is it because there is another element on top of it? Do I need to absolutely position the element in order to bring the icons to the top layer or is there another issue preventing it from having the hover work on the entire image? Please advise.





    Following css code fixed the problem in Firebug – add it to css/custom.css or the quick css field:

    #header .submenu .container {
    position: relative !important;



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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