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    I have a setting to categorize my upload files by year and month. I create a sermon entry and publish it so that it has date published. Then I try to upload sermon mp3 file using “Featured media – add audio file” section it will always upload as year 2010 and month 10 for some reason. If I use “Add media” button (which is on top of sermon text edit box) to upload media file, then it is uploaded into the year/month folder of date published. It is not a big deal I can use that button to do the upload, but it would be nice that featured media behaves the same way.



    Hey dariusp!

    What version of WordPress and Incarnation are you using? Do you have any other plugins installed as well? If we can try and re-create the issue we can look into a fix.

    Best regards,



    I am using WordPress 3.6.1 And Incarnation 1.3. I also use the following plugins:

    Custom Upload Dir – this one slightly changes behaviour but theme works incorrectly with or without it.
    Google sitemap plugin
    NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati
    Ultimate Coming Soon Page

    Thank you for your support


    Whats the publish/creation date of the post? If I am not mistaken WordPress uploads the files depending on the post date. Might it be that the post is old and therefore the upload folder is also set to an older date. Or does this also happen on brand new entries?




    It doesn’t matter whether I specify publish date or not or change it. It always stores files in 2012/10 folder.




    Ok another questions: does this only happen with the sermon post type or with blog posts as well? If it happens with blog posts as well; does it also happen with Incarnation or also with the default theme?

    Hope we are getting closer ;D Cheers!



    Thanks for your support.

    Actually it happens only if I use theme’s functionality called featured media at the bottom of the page to uploadfile into web site. If I use standard WP functionality (say “add media”) to upload file it is uploaded into correct folder and I can attach it through “featured media”.

    I cannot check it with other post types or other theme, because they do not have “featured media” section. It is available only for sermons.




    Can you reply with a temporary admin account so we can take a look live? Make sure to check the “Set as private” checkbox when replying so that only we can see the info.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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