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    Hello everyone,

    Let’s say i’m publishing a portfolio page.

    I set the post categories that i want to see in the portfolio and everyone works fine.

    Now, I’m looking for a way to display a presentation sentence above the portfolio items ..

    I tried messing around with the portfolio template file, i added the function : the_content();

    but it didn’t help.

    I thought maybe by using custom fields but since i’m not that good with php, i couldn’t get anything printed.

    Any help will be much appreciated !!



    Nobody can help me out with this ?

    Maybe my request isn’t clear ?


    Open template_portfolio.php:

    and find following line:

    <div class="box box_small box<?php echo $boxnumber; ?>">

    Replace it with:

    <div class="box box_small box<?php echo $boxnumber; ?>">
    <?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'presentation', true); ?>

    Now you need to create custom fields for portfolio items: Call them “presentation” and insert any text you like in the value field.



    Thank you for your answer but i really counld’nt find the line of code you’re talking about.

    I thought maybe i was using an old version of the template and downloaded the most recent one from themeforest but i still couldn’t find the code.

    Maybe you got confused and looked in a different theme ?

    I’m using ‘Display’ :)

    Here’s the code that i find in theme_options/portfolio.php :

    $pageinfo = array('full_name' => 'Portfolio Options', 'optionname'=>'portfolio', 'child'=>true, 'filename' => basename(__FILE__));

    $options = array (

    array( "type" => "open"),

    array( "name" => "Portfolio Items on Page",

    "desc" => "Please choose the number of items you want to display on your portfolio Pages",

    "id" => "portfolio_entry_count",

    "type" => "text",

    "size" => 3,

    "std" => "9"


    array( "name" => "Portfolio Image Link",

    "desc" => "When clicking on a Portfolio Image what should happen?",

    "id" => "portfolio_click",

    "type" => "radio",

    "buttons" => array('Big Image opens in Lightbox','Show Portfolio Single Post'),

    "std" => 1),

    array( "type" => "close"),

    array( "type" => "portfolio")


    $options_page = new kriesi_option_pages($options, $pageinfo);


    Yep, I used Avisio :D – I’m sorry for that. I corrected the instructions above.


    I too, want to do this but I was also unable to find <div class=”box box_small box<?php echo $boxnumber; ?>”> in the template_portfolio.php file. Is that the corrected snippet?





    Habitat’s portfolio has a different structure than the portfolio of Display. It’s currently not possible to display other page content without rewriting the framework code a bit.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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