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    Thank you very much for all your advices wich allowed me to add woocommerce in incarnation.

    Could you tell me what to lokk for to add the “product” element in the template builder ?

    Thank you very much.


    Hi ganjou,

    Basic integration will work but adding the additional elements is not doable since they have not been styled for the theme.




    I understand…

    Well I can still input woocommerce widgets.

    By the way…

    1. I created a template with a blog post category, alpha for example and 3 posts per page.

    2. I created a page, alpha page, with that template so 3 alpha category posts are displayed in that page.

    3. In my frontpage template I tried to input the content page (single page) from ALPHA page to display in a column the 3 posts from the category alpha…

    It didn’t work.

    An other way to display 3 posts of one specific category in a column in the front page ? May be through short code and a text area input…


    If I understand correctly, what you are trying to do wont work. Nesting of templates and feeds isn’t possible.

    If you have a page that pulls in content with a specific loop, it can’t then be put inside another template or loop with the way the templates work.

    You will need to use the blog element in the category you want the feed from and work within the limitations of the templates or create a custom template using php/html/css and a wordpress file.




    The template builder offers “single post by category” where category can be chosen but only for one post and “latest blog entries” where a category can not be chosen. It’s why I tried to find a way by creating a new post type. I just posted a question about that.

    Thank you very much for ypur patience ans help.


    Sorry about that, there are just limitations when working with a pre-built front end and then when combined with wordpress there will be circumstances that won’t work without writing your own features/functions.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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