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    maybe you can help? My incarnation-twitter widget doesn´t work :(
    i´ve already put the right twitter-user-name into the widget backend,
    but it didn´t work.

    Thanks for your help,


    Hi Chili2908!

    Are you sure you input the correct username? Sometimes, it takes a while before the twitter widgets work. Give it 24 hours then check again.

    Best regards,


    Hello Ismael,

    thanks for your answer –
    yes, im shure & it´s currently online since yesterday 12:00.
    Any other Ideas? :)

    Best regards,



    I’m sorry, my bad. Looks like the twitter widget api has some issues with the theme. Kriesi stated, “Hey! It seems twitter has also deprecated this way of getting the feed, thats the caue of the error. at this point it is no longer possible to easily retrieve a follower count without complicated authentication. Something which I dont wont to add to the theme itself, so I recommend to search for a plugin that can do that….

    You might need to use a separate twitter plugin for now. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Best regards,


    perfect – thanks :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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