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    Still wrestling with sidebars.

    Theme Options –> Sidebars. I would like to create distinct sidebars for a few of my pages. But each time I create a new sidebar at this location, it eliminates any I’ve created previously. So, for example … I created a sidebar for my front page. Loaded it with widgets. Looked great! Then I went back to theme options and created a sidebar for my community page. When I went back to the widgets page to load it with widgets, my front page sidebar was gone. Is there a limit to how many distinct sidebars can be created?

    In addition … on my widgets page there are a number of sidebars that came with the theme which I will never use. Is there no way to delete these?

    Thanks for any assistance …



    Hi knappbl,

    The sidebars that come with the theme are not removable. If they are empty then no content will be shown from them so there isn’t really a need.

    For the other issue that definitely shouldn’t be happening. Do you already have a lot of sidebars created? WordPress can be a bit picky with sidebars and issues can happen when they are deleted but just creating them shouldn’t cause a previous one to be removed.

    What I would recommend first is to re-download the theme files from themeforest and then update your them with the newest version. The 1.5 version you have installed is the incorrectly labeled first release so this could be related to an old bug that has since been fixed.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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