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    I had already added content to my broadscope theme, everything good, then I decided to see some of the Dummy data and imported it; WAM! it took everything over, my menus are gone and replaced with Dummy! Can I reset somehow? I need to get back to before I imported Dummy items, or I guess I’m facing a total site reset ?? Signed, Concerned in LA.



    it’s not possible to revert the dummy content import – wp writes everything to the database and it can overwrite existing content. The dummy content makes only sense for brand new wp installations without custom text/content.


    are you kidding me? I just did all the content for my site and finished all the pages and then tried to incorporate the dummy data for a simple drop-down menu and now I can’t undo it? WTF!? So now what am I to do? Wow… that’s ridiculous. A warning would be greatly appreciated gdamnit…


    p.s. this really infuriates me!


    How can I resort to the old setup that I had? Do I need to uninstall this theme, reinstall and redo all my work?


    Hi greensleeves,

    You should still have your work saved under Pages, Posts, Media Library etc. so all you should have to do is go to those tabs and delete the dummy content. You’ll need to rebuild the menus but no need to uninstall/reinstall the entire theme.

    Also be sure to click the Empty Trash button on Pages and Posts that way the dummy content is totally removed from your database.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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