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    Happy new year! :)

    I bought yesterday the new Propulsion theme.

    I’m willing to use it on my website

    I have a first question:

    Is it possible convert old posts into portfolio items? And how?

    Thank you!



    Hi there!

    Big mess with my website after several days of work on your new theme Propulsion. I asked for help on the forum, but I had no answer!

    The last issue is the loss of all the Templates I customized with the Template builder after “Import dummy data” action.

    Please ask someone to help, if you are too busy.

    Dude has an account on my administration dashboard. password: marellina

    Thank you!


    I rebuild the site, starting from the lost templates. I think that the “import dummy data” command should warn you that all the customization will be lost.


    More, since no one replied to my first question I argue there’s no way of converting posts into portfolio items. Am I right?




    Hi Marcelani, I used the plugin Post Type Switcher By johnjamesjacoby. This allows you to change the post type from “Post” to “Portfolio”. You will lose your categories and tags, but it sure beats re-entering all of your posts into the portfolio list.


    Thank you designinside, what a useful tip! I’ll give it a try.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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