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    Help! I accidentally ‘import dummy data again’, now I lost all my costum settings. how can I fix this. My latest backup is from 2 weeks ago, I have made alot of changes since :( had made slot of new portfolio items, by the layout is totally chaos, is there a file that I can edit by ftp?




    Meanwhile I have reinstalled my backup from 2 weeks ago, but still have the demo layout. My templates in the template builder are still visible but empty?

    it is possible to fix this, i almoste finished my site:(




    Unfortunately Kriesi stores the theme options, dynamic templates & portfolio data in the database and there’s no way to restore the data without a backup file of the sql database. Basically the best solution is to use your backup file – even if it’s 2 weeks old. I asked Kriesi to add a confirmation window to the “Import Dummy” button and he’ll probably include it in the next framework/theme update.

    For now I’d complete delete the old database (it’s useless anyway) and create a new one. Then import your backup file into the new database.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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