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    Hello all!! ‘ have a problem with the blog…. i want to use this format for my articles:

    Intro text

    image (at the center)

    tag more


    But when i try to do it the final result is:

    Intro text

    Image article


    The text is on the right of the image.. there is a solution?

    thank You!


    ….and is display theme compatible with the last WP version?



    I can you post a link to your website please (where the problems occur)?

    Yes – Display supports WP 3.2.1.


    yes.. i put the link to the page:


    The problem is that you added the image to the content. Please add a preview image to your post instead. You can find the option under “Display Preview Image Options” on the post/page editor page (scroll down – it’s underneath the text editor).


    Thank you.. but i have a question.. if i add the image with your method…. can i decide where put the image? an example… if i want to put the image in the center of article or at left or at right after the intro text and before the “more” tag, can i do thisO or the theme put the image in a pre difined position? Thank you for your fast reply


    No – that’s not possible. The image will always stick on the top.


    ok thank you.. my last question… excuse me but ‘m a newbie… i want to justify the title text on the articles, in the blog and in the home page preview columns.. is that possible? i’ve searched on the style.css some token of code with the words “blog text alignment” to modify, but i’ve founded nothing.


    no one know a solution?



    can you link to your site in action – right now it’s a plain page? This way I’m sure I’m providing correct information.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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