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    I’m using the Choices theme and WP 3.5, and I’m having the same issues as in this closed post: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -not-updating

    When you have a slideshow with many images in it, it is simply not practical to order the images by dragging and dropping every one of them!

    Is there any way to get the sorting buttons labeled “Sort Order: Ascending | Descending | Clear” in the Gallery tab of the “Add image to slideshow” popup window to actually work?

    The only thing I can think of as a workaround would be to use an image management program (like Adobe Bridge) to rename all of the images you want to upload into a slideshow using numeric suffixes (image-01, image-02, etc.), but to number them in REVERSE order before dragging and dropping onto the “From Computer” tab……

    Obviously, this is not a desirable workflow! Users would then need to rename all of those images to something useful because those filenames appear in the theme. And if you’ve ever tried to rename 50+ files in a slideshow by clicking “All Tabs: Show” and expanding each image entry in the list to manually rename them all in WordPress, you will know how time consuming this is!

    Any thoughts?



    One update on this topic:

    The behavior of the pop-up window for adding images to galleries has changed in WP 3.5 and up. Now, there is a new “Add to Slideshow” button underneath the “Actions” column (where there used to be a sort order number to the left of the “Show” link to expand the item in the list….)

    Even if you can’t get the sort order to work correctly when clicking “Add all images to slideshow,” you CAN at least click the “Add to Slideshow” button to the right of every image in the list manually and add them one at a time to the slideshow in either order you wish……you can click those buttons from the bottom up or top down in the list.

    At least that’s a lot faster than dragging and dropping the images in the slideshow list after they’ve been added, but still not ideal….



    Hi dishdesigner,

    I’ll tag Kriesi on the idea of adding a button for changing the order of the slideshow but typically users don’t have so many images in one where it wouldn’t be practical to just drag and drop so it hasn’t been requested yet as far as I know.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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