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    I spent several day to try, and retry, but since I am a newbie, I must admit my defeat …(but I am close…)

    I want to make a 3 columns image and text layout and I tried a lot of thing (Columns shortcut, Magazine

    Columns plugin, Advanced WP Columns plugin and html tables…). I had to do similar thing in Abundance

    and finally I do it with a table (not the best way, i know, but it worked…)

    But when I try to do the same thing (html table) in Replete it does not work right … The top align do not

    work inside the table and I always have a border.

    So, I tried to use div layout instead, that seem to work except when I resize the windows, it does not follow

    the rest of the page (not responsive).

    Anyone have a idea ? What is the best way to do something similar to this ?




    You can always use the Template Builder. Create a new dynamic template then insert the “Column” element. Select 3 columns then select “Preview image and post content” on How do you want to display the post? option.




    Thanks Ismael for your suggestion.

    I tried the 3 columns in the dynamic template,

    It works exept that I can not have small vertical lines.

    Does anyone have another idea or I have to abandon the vertical lines idea ?


    Hi AlainTernet,

    Try changing the inline style for your table to vertical-align instead of valign.

    Or, you can give that table a class and then style that class. So for your example:

    .tableau td {
    vertical-align: top;



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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