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    I nearly go mad … each image, that I add in the sidbar, gets the tag display: block, and for this reason, the following text goes in a new line and not – as I intend – right next to the image:

    I would like to have the text next to the image, not in a new line. I used there the “link” widget of WordPress in the frontpage sidebar.

    I’ve tried to figure it out with Firebug and it says, that there is an “”, see screenshot, at the right side:

    But next to it, there is no declaration, whether it belongs to a CSS file.

    In Firebug, if I deleted within the img src ... the display: block, then it works fine: the text comes next to the image and not in a new line.

    But I haven’t found out, where to change this in “real”, in which file or place?

    What can I do, so that I can add images in the sidebar, so that they do not get such a linebreak, based on this display: block?



    By the way:

    in normal posts it is the same problem, when I add just an image and a text next to it:

    The text is always shown in a new line.



    Can you post the URL to your site?

    Basically a few CSS edits are needed, if you’ve modified the theme at all, where you need to make the changes may have moved.

    Best regards,



    This is a test posting:

    Look at the bottom of the sidebar, where the pink pens are, this is my normal text widget with 2 images.

    In my text widget, the text goes in a new line below the images instead of next to the image:

    But in the sidebar above it, in your “NEWSCAST SIDEBAR NEWS”-Widget the images go next to the text:

    Obviously is there a special formatting, that differs from the normal WordPress text widgets, when inserting there a normal image + text.

    My code inside the sidebar text widget is just this:

    Then the same below a posting, when showing related posts:

    The “Plus” is an image of mine, but these images, as well as my images, that I insert in the text widget, mentioned above, has an attribute:

    This is the sidebar:

    This is the analysis with firebug:

    But I haven’t found, where this code

    is coming from, because this “display: block”, that comes with all “img src= …” causes, that all images are going to a new line with the following text instead that the text comes right and next to the images.

    This has effects for example on each plugin, too, that want to show images in the sidebar or below posts.

    Have you any idea?




    Sorry, can you give me the actual URL? Screenshots are useful but I can’t see where the code is to change if you’ve made and edits.

    If it’s private / password protected can you email the details to support {at} jamesmorrisondesign {dot} com with the subject:

    Kriesi | Newscast | colorit | Images & Text In Sidebar

    and I’ll have a look for you.

    Best regards,



    Just the first line in above posting :-)


    The image preloading function is causing this bug. To fix it, open up /js/custom.js and search for this line:

    images = imageContainer.find('img').css({opacity:0, visibility:'hidden',display:'block'}),

    Change it to:

    images = imageContainer.find('img').css({opacity:0, visibility:'hidden'}),

    This will remove the display: block which is causing the mis-alignment.


    Thank you very much, James!

    I would never have guessed to find this in /js/. Now it works fine, thanks!!



    Awesome, I guess this is now resolved. Let me know if you need any other help.



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