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    As you can see here: the images on the shop page are not consistent. That entire row of head wraps are all identical images we’re uploading, yet the small version of that one is showing much taller than the rest. What’s up?



    Because the css styling for the images is set to width:100% and height auto. If you set a fixed height, it is possible that some images will be stretched and may look blurry. Best thing to do is set a fixed canvas size for each product before uploading them as featured image.




    I don’t know if you didn’t look at the image, or just didn’t read my message, but that’s obviously not the problem here. The image doesn’t looked stretched or blurry. It looks just fine, they all do.

    For some reason the shop and category pages are displaying some with a full-height, and some as cropped. The originals of these images that were uploaded are the same dimensions, and should therefore have all their various size options created the same, and displayed the same in the store. Why is one out of several rows of images that started as the same dimensions, not getting cropped to be uniform with the rest? Please look at the image link I provided.



    Did you try to regenerate the thumbnails with: ?

    Maybe WP failed to generate the thumbnail when you uploaded the image.

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    Yes, tried that. It seems to have fixed some, but others are still very short, causing the rows of products not to line-up very nicely.



    Maybe you could try this, add this on your custom.css

    #top .thumbnail_container img {
    width: 100%;
    max-height: 200px!important;

    Adjust max-height values.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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