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    I cannot get images to appear on a product page. The theme is unaltered. Loaded two images through the image gallery function from my computer. They both appear in the box. I have chosen every style from the “Gallery Layout” box and nothing shows up. I know I must be doing something wrong but cannot seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance.


    Hey Mike. I was having the same issue. Turns out it was the way I was uploading the images.

    Make a new product, upload an image, and select “then close the window and update gallery preview”. DO NOT select save all changes! (This doesn’t make sense, but its how it works for some stupid reason). Anyway, update the page, and the image will now show up. I use the gallery layout option “Image slideshow at top of entry”. You can use any option except “as background slider only”.

    If you need to change the name of the image, then at this point you can go back to the upload button, change the name, save all changes, and then the big long button.

    Hope that helps. And also, if you already have a page that you tried to upload an image to, scrap the page and start from new. I found that no matter what I did, I could not make the image work if I had done something other to the gallery options that what was described above.


    Note to author of theme- this is really frustrating and I think that Woocommerce should use a “featured image” setting as it is standard as that is a much better approach to this issue. But I don’t know of the background details behind this and whether or not its even possible now.


    Hi MikeWoodcock,

    The recommendation from rivalink is correct. The mechanism can be a bit odd to work with for some people and I know Kriesi has spoken on here a few times regarding it and the Flashlight theme. The biggest hurdle is that in altering the uploading code, it would potentially cause anyone who updates to have to re-do all portfolio, shop items and posts that use the old code.

    If after following the above advice, can you delete the product and re-create it? There was a bug we just identified and have a fix in the next update that would cause a post/item to permanently be unable to display slideshow images no matter what changes were done after the fact.

    Thanks, and sorry for the confusion :)



    Hi Devin,

    I am having the same issue. Has there been any updates to this issue? I’ve recreated it by uploading an image that we want to use for the background but it still is not showing up. It only shows up as the uploaded thumbnails. I guess a semi workaround is uploading an image for to the Default Image Gallery in General Settings. But that obviously will put the same images on every page and not specifically for our “Product Page” (ie Shop page) background. Curiously, we are able to upload a custom background image to our “About Us” page.

    Thank you very much,



    Hi Paul,

    I think the product page and generally any woo commerce page (cart, checkout etc) needs to use the general background gallery as all individual page settings are completely overwritten by woo commerce so that it doesn’t mess with the plugins functionality.




    Hi Devin,

    Im having a similar issue with the” all products ” page, that the product thumbnails are not showing properly. They are not equal sized.

    Here is the site link:

    How can i fix this please.



    Hi studiorui,

    Answered your question on this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -issue



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