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    My images are not appearing in the Feature Slider nor are they appearing next to the article previews on the home page. I even tried removing and reinserting the images on the post for the imbedded image, feature image and the thumbnail. I appreciate your help :-)


    The images aren’t being included in the source code hence they won’t display.

    Have you set up your theme option to select the category / categories you wish to display, and added a featured image to each post which should appear in the slider?


    I just installed the theme for my blog and for the life of me can’t find any way to upload the header images for the accordian slider. I have looked at the posts and added a featured image on one of them, thinking that was where it might go, but it only displays that one on the top of the article.

    I selected the categories that I wanted to show as you suggested in this post, but that doesn’t do it either.

    My blog is at:

    Can you tell me exactly where to go to upload these header images? Would be nice to see a simple link to enable one to load image 1, Image 2, Image 3 and so on or at least to upload them to a page or posting that was clear. I am confused to say the least.

    Here is my receipt for the purchase of this theme if you need it.

    One other question…as you can see I uploaded a banner, will be changing it soon, but this was a temp. How can I change the color of the header and the footer to make them match my sites Navy blue color.

    My web site is at:

    Thanks for your help, love the theme, just can’t figure it out.

    One last question…When I first started to play with it, it showed 3 large posts and a few smaller ones. I changed it to show 2 large posts, but it is only showing a total of 3 now when it originally showed all of them. What did I touch to screw this up?




    You need to use the Media Library to upload the image, then edit the post and include the image as a featured image. That way it will be resized dependant on the page and location of the image.


    Got it.

    What size must the images be to show up properly in the accordian slideshow? Once I determine which image I want to show up on the home pages slide show, I insert it into the posts using the “Full Size Pic or Video for Lightbox” on the bottom right of the page.

    Now the other questions, how do I change the header and footer background color to match my companies web sites header?


    To modify the colours, you need to modify the code in /css/style1.css or /css/style2.css or /css/style3.css or /css/style4.css.

    If you use Firefox, install Fire Bug so you can see where the modifications are needed.


    I actually got the information when I installed Google Chrome which I found made it easy to locate the code. I am however still having problems with the image features. I have followed your advice, still have no idea of the size of the image that should be uploaded to the gallery, can’t get the Accordian Slider to work or for that matter even get it to switch from one slide show to the next. Not sure if that is a problem with WP and the fact we just made our install a multi-user installation, but the image problems are killing me.

    I took a screen shot of the images on your sample site and found them to be approximately 960X200px. I then uploaded a banner image that size to our Gallery and inserted it in the Post, Post Thumbnail Options, Full Size Pic or Video for Lightbox, clicked on the Insert Image/video button and inserted the banner image from my Gallery.

    It has shown up now as you can see on our blog

    Now the smaller square images won’t shot and we only see a blank box that is searching for an image file.

    So what size images are needed for the slider or slide shows, what size image will the system accept for the article thumbnail images?

    Is there any documentation we can read that will explain this process and why we are having this problem?

    I hired a programmer who is helping us with the set up and install and we are both a bit confused.

    If there a way I can email you screen shots of what we are seeing or can you go to our blog and see the problem there?




    There is a documentation folder included with the download you used to install the theme. In there it states that when using the crossfading slider the image needs to be 960 x 320. All other sliders need to be 700 x 320 . The problem I was having with inserting the image into the feature slider was a simple one but easy to overlook. When you choose an image to insert into your post and the screen comes up where you can change the title and caption. Instead of clicking the button to “Insert Into Post” click the link right next to it that says “Use as featured image”. I hope this helps :-)


    Yes, thanks. I had sent a direct mail to Kriesi after spending hours trying to figure out what was going on with the images not showing. I even tried the forum but even though I was registered there, couldn’t leave a post or reply to one. Not sure what is going on their, maybe I don’t have the right to post there, not sure…another wasted hour trying to figure that out.

    My programmer, found the problem with the images not showing. Apparently one of the plug ins GTranslations has an JS problem and was overriding the script in the theme. Once he deactivated that plugin, the images showed up. Kriesi responded this morning and pointed me to the documentation directory where I was able to see the sizes needed for the Accordian Slider.

    I put some dummy images so far, one I borrowed from one of the other members here…will replace it tomorrow, just wanted to see if it was my images that were the issues.

    Please take a look at the site now, I think it looks pretty good and very happy now that I know how things work with the docs.

    You can see it at:

    We are installing a NextGen photo gallery and their voting plug-ins and working with the style sheet to make them display the way we want. Once done, we will be able to have monthly photo contests for our members.

    Now I need to purchase some other themes here so I can convert some of my other older blogs to hot looking blogs like this one.

    Good stuff!!



    Glad this all got sorted out. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.

    Best regards,


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