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    I’ve imported my posts from my previous website to my new domain, where is running your Angular theme.

    This is my issue:

    as you can see here


    I have an empty grey box, which should host the slideshow, and all the post images are below…

    How can I fix it in order to obtain:

    – Or all those images in the slideshow

    – Or getting rid of the grey box, and having all the images shown



    Another thing…

    Those video tutorials in the Angular Demo Page do not fit at all with the Angular Settings…they talk about Abundance…

    not that handy!


    Hi tesbag,

    You’ll need to go through your imported posts and re-add the images that were originally featured images. They can be added to the Featured media gallery so that the theme is able to use them.

    I’m sorry the video files didn’t help. We are working on getting some new docs up but the framework is the exact same thing so typically the back end looks and operates almost identically.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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