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    Hi, in your demo page of the Velvet theme you have three columns under the slider, and the images in the columns there seems to list out without any distortion of proportions.

    Following the link from the left image takes us to this page:

    The image there shows a different view (crop) of the image but it’s not distorted in proportions.

    On the site I’m working with, I experience distortion of proportions. I can’t see any obvious fix, as the featured image is used for both the smaller image on the front page, and the slider image on the actual page.

    If I make the image fit the proportions of the front page, it will show drawn out/distorted on the linked page. If I make the image fit the proportions of the slider showing on the page they’re featuring it will show squeezed/distorted on the front page.

    Here is a link to the site I’m developing:

    Have a look at the three images under the slider and compare them with the images on the pages they link to.

    Any helpful hints to avoid this distortion of proportions?


    I kind of solved it:-)

    Sorry to clutter up this forum with my ongoing challenges, but I guess others might find them useful as long as I describe a problem, and also end up with a solution.

    I’ll try to explain how I solved it.

    What I did was to first create a brand new page containing just a slideshow.

    I then created a new dynamic template with the “Template builder” that contained a slideshow, and there I selected this new page for the slideshow.

    In the actual page that features one of the three images on the front page, I chose the dynamic template that I just made, and voila… problem solved.

    Hope that made sense:-)


    Hi thoddi,

    We actually REALLY appreciate when users post an issue AND the solution they used to overcome it. We can only answer so many support requests in so much time so any additional help provided by you is really great :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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