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    Hi Support team, on my website i have all image cropped, not real dimension on screen…

    i want a full screen website with all images change size automatically for every screen. it’s possible??



    Hi vituz75,

    Make sure that in the Theme settings>General Settings the option “Background Gallery Image Cropping/resizing” is set to “Images should be displayed without cropping”.

    If you are using images you had already uploaded to wordpress before installing Flashlight, you may need to use this plugin to regenerate all thumbnails:




    Hi Devin, thanks for your reply…i’m uploading images after installing theme.

    if i set pages “Images should be displayed without cropping”, i see images not fullscreen.


    i use default setting


    please check (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -photojournalist images are cropped


    Try disabling all active plugins except for woocommerce and see if that helps. There are a number of javascript errors and it could be because of a plugin conflict that the images aren’t getting adjusted for fullscreen properly.




    Can you create a temporary admin login for me so I can take a look. I’ll be disabling all active plugins during that point as well so you may see them down after you send me the information.

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    Hi Devin, I have the same problem with full screen images on my home page. I tried to set “Images should be displayed without cropping” but it still doesn’t work. The image is 1024x768px if I set it as default is cropped, if I set it without cropping I can see the full image but the black background as well. What should I do then?

    The page I’m having the issue is and

    Thank you.






    I keep getting ‘Error 138 (net::ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED): Unable to access the network.’ error when trying to connect to the url you provided.


    In any case though to have a single cover the entire page, what you need to do is have it stretched. Without stretching it would be difficult to find a size big enough to work on various screen sizes, especially since even if they have a similar height its likely that the width and thereby the aspect ratio is different.

    The best way to go about it, is to first install the Simple Image Sizes plugin ( ). The plugin will give you complete control over images: setting constraints for specific locations like blog, thumbnails, portfolio, gallery, shop, etc. along with the ability to set whether to crop an image or not in Settings > Media.

    Changing the dimensions of images does NOT automatically change all the images already uploaded but only affects new uploads. To change the sizes of images already uploaded, you will need to use the Regenerator – also a part of the Simple Image Sizes and found on the bottom of Settings Media. Don’t forget that images scale down, so always upload images bigger (or the same) as the constraints you set in Settings > Media (with the plugin) or you will get blurry (stretched) or incomplete images.



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