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    Not sure of all the terminology used in wordpress as i’m new to it but here goes.

    First and foremost I want to know how to select pics for the accordian without them being the same pics used for the post excerpt on the homepage and category pages as well as the posts own page where comments are added etc.

    It makes no sence the accordian pic is 700 by 320 and the other pics (large preview) are 180 by 180?

    I know in the demo it appears that its possible to select a part of the accordian pic as the target of the smaller square preview pic and all aspect ratios are preserved. Although I would love to know how to do this just for the sake of knowing I actually would prefer not using the same pic for this unless its going to be a major PITA to use 2 different pics.

    What I would like to do is have in the accordian pic a video game screenshot and then…

    for the post exceprt on the front page, category and the pic for top corner of the posts page where comments are left use another that is a pic of the box art. If its going to require some major fiddling with the code then I suppose its possible that I could incorporate a picture of the box art on the accordian pic and have the smaller square preview “home” in on the box are thats part of the larger acccordian pic. Similarily to the demo of this theme. However, I have no idea how to do this eaither.

    Can anyone help me I am eager to start posting!?

    site is I have the excert and post pic like I want them. just not the accordian. Like I said though I dont know how to get those pics in thier respective places without making the pic featured. When I try to use add image to the post then its only added on the post page and not the excerpt, and clearly has a different style as the relationship to th surrounding text and border etc is different.. This is really confusing


    Ok, If you’d like to use the image for small thumbs in general it’s better to work with custom fields instead of content images. Open up single.php, index.php and archive.php and replace:

    'size'=> array('M')


    'size'=> array('S')


    'size'=> array('post','preview_medium')

    Afterwards set a custom field for each post, call it “preview_medium” and type in the url to your preview image (i.e. http://my-image.jpg ). We can’t influence the way how the thumbnail is resized – it’s always center cropped.


    Okay I tried this and it just took the large accordian image and made it into a distorted thumbnails for the medium and small previews.

    Then I reread your post and realized that is what you were telling me how to do.

    The thing is thats not what i wanted.

    this post has went on for a while so im going to reiterate what im after.

    I do not want the accordian pic to determine what you see on the medium and small preview images used for excerpt images used further down on the page nor the preview image on the full posts page. I dont know that im using the correct terminology here.

    So I plan to use accordian to show a screenshot of whatever game is bing reviewed which is great because accoridain is basically wide screen. like most screenshots.

    However, when the preview pics just grab the center of the screenshot this doesnt do any good for someone that say happens upon the full post all they will see is the middle of some screenshot. Instead I want them to see box art.

    Now I asked if there was a way that I could say take the box art and stick it onto a screenshot and then have the previews be of that box art but in order to do this is appears i would have to center then on the screenshot and add whitespace so the preview pics would show up coreectly. This would of coarse destroy the screenshots value as it would look like crap.

    I dont mind if all the preview “square pics” are the same. They just cant be the same as the accordian image.

    So do you understand what im after?

    And what can be done?

    how hard would it be for you guys to make the featured image for the accordian pic, then a preview image field which is used everywhere else? So a newb like me can just drop 2 photos into a field while writing a post and be done with it? Would this also allow the same styling that is currently emplyed for instance space around images and thier hieght compared to the post text etc. As I see that using the add image feature doesnt bring the same styling as the preview images.


    Yes but the code above gives you the possibility to set a second preview thumb for single posts, blog/archive posts by using a post meta field.

    You can set the accordion image with “Set featured image” and the second thumbnail with the post meta field. I think it’s what you’re searching for.


    where/what is the post meta field?



    I believe Dude refers to the “Add Featured Media” field below the post creation page, where you can set an image as a featured image.


    I am currently using the abundance theme and checked all of those .php files you have listed and I do not see the ‘size’=> array(‘M’) or ‘size’=> array(‘M’) in any of them. I want to change the three thumbnails of the featured slider to different images than the featured slider itself.



    You can change the slideshow/image dimensions in functions.php (I’d only adjust the height value). Afterwards regenerate the thumbnails with:

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