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    I ahve done all the neccessary steps to make my images sharp on the site But when It comes to the product slider on the start page they are blurry. I guess its because abundance is using the 145 x 192 px (which is correct for the productcatalog in woocommerce) in the slider which has a size of 160 x 212 px.

    Is it possible to change the size somwhere so that the slider uses the correct dimensions of 160 x 212 px instead of 145 x 192?

    I know that i can ad new sizes in the functions.php, but where do i tell the slider to use those dimension instead of 145 x 192?

    Kind regards,



    Hi Richard,

    Use this plugin to identify which thumbnail is set to 145×192. I don’t see that in the default thumb sizes in either functions.php or the config.php in the woocommerce config folder:

    Then change that image size and regenerate the thumbnails.




    Hi Devin,

    I have downloaded that plugin and the shop catalog is using the 145×192 pixel dimension. But I dont see why the prouct slider do so aswell. According to the plugin it should use 210×100. Is there something wrong in the code somewhere? So the wrong image sixe for the slide_thumbs size is loaded?



    What size is the image that you are uploading? Are all the images the same size that you are uploading ? The images you are uploading need to be bigger then the preset size and they need to be proportional to the preset size (aspect ratio), otherwise WordPress will either crop the images or stretch them.




    The original size of all the product images has the dimensions of 604 x 800 and then wordpress makes all of theese versions of the original image:

    And it seems that the 210×100 size is available. But why isnt abundance using it and instead the 145×192?

    Kind regards,



    Yes, Kriesi uses the default product loop/catalog template for the shop slider and the default template uses the “shop_catalog” thumbnail size. Please go to WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog and change the thumbnail size on this option page.


    Ok, do I need to regenerate the thumbnails or something? Because changing the product catalog images didnt do diddly… And in the code for the slider it still retrives the 145×192 px files.


    Hey Rajkurt,

    Yes, after making any change to an image thumbnail size the images have to be regenerated to take the new setting.




    Okay, so now I have generated the the thumbnails and the product slider images is not blurry anymore. Great!

    BUT, now all the other product images in the product catalog gets blurry instead because WP downsizes the images from 160×212 to 145×192. Seriously, there must be a better way to do this?


    Downsizing the images should make them blurry. This is the only way I know of to work with images unless you are creating specific single use image sizes for each implementation.

    Looking at your site now, the catalog pages seem to look fine. The slider on the home page however is still using the images that are too small for the displayed size. eg – 145×192 while the slider container for each image pushes them up to be a minimum height for 212 so they are displayed at 160×212 (based on settings for how many should be displayed at once).



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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