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    Hello. I looked for solutions before posting but I did not find any solutions that work for my website.


    For example, I have a problem with the image Logo Collection (size: 647 * 1941). I click on the thumbnail and then my page opens on my blurry image. I tried to touch the values ​​in functions.php but nothing works. By cons there are no problems with certain images that are smaller in height.

    Thanks a lot.


    Hello oropherbp!

    Suggested image width for the ajax portfolio featured image is 700px. Yours is only 329px. The image will inherit the size of the container which is 647px. You need to upload a larger logo image.



    Hello and thank your for your response.

    I upload my image with this size : 647px * 1941px. And when you open the lightbox you can see that when you click on the icon at the top on the right.
    But indeed, i can see that on my code : http://www.oroster.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/logos-all-329×990.jpg
    The href is good but not the src.

    Why shrink my picture? Where i can change that please ?

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    The natural size of the image you uploaded is 329×990. http://www.oroster.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Logo-Collection-329×990.jpg. Can you please give us the login details and the link to the orignal logo collection image? You can set the post as private if you don’t want anyone else to see it.


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    The image gets scaled based on the settings in functions.php. I’ve also added a plugin called simple image sizes so you can modify the sizes from within WordPress.

    The images you have that are larger than 990px tall get scaled down to 990px because that is the height set for the fullsize image size. WordPress then shrinks the image to fit the biggest edge while keeping it in proportion.

    So you end up with an image that is 990px tall and however many pixels wide based on its original width.

    From here you can either upload images that aren’t taller than 990px or change the max height for the fullsize images to something larger and regenerate thumbnails.



    Thank you for the explanation, it is clearer. And it works perfectly (even if I tried to touch the functions.php file, unsuccessfully). Thank you all ! :)

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