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    The theme is great and working well on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and old versions of Explorer (pre v8). With newer versions of Explorer, some of the pictures do not display properly – they are compressed vertically. Also the Adaptavia Slider images are not displaying correctly. Please help! So many customers use Explorer we need to get this fixed or find another solution




    Have you tried to resave all product items? WooCommerce 1.5+ changed some backend stuff and according to some posts in the WooCommerce forum you need to resave the products. I’d also check the permalink settings – maybe try to flush them (Just hit the “Save” button” and refresh the option page).




    It’s not the prouct images, it is images inserted on pages and the slider. We did update WooCommerce but that does not do anythiing. Permalinks are fine. It is an Explorer issue. It does not happen with older version of Explorer or other browsesrs (Safari, Firefox, etc._ Only Explorer 8 & 9


    We noticed a button on Explorer 8 next to refresh that says “Compatability View” and the description states it is “for websites built for older version of Explorer”. When we click on this the images look fine, just like they do on Safari, Firefox and older versions of Explorer. This problem is clearly an incompatability with the new versions of Explorer. What can be done? If we can’t fix this we will have to move to another theme or something which we certainly do not want to do.


    Hi RiboMed,

    Using the Adobe Browser Lab for testing, I only find the issue on IE8 for the three thumbnails under Research, Clinical and Latest News. In IE9, the thumbnails appear as they do in Firefox, Chrome, etc.

    The only possibility I can think of is the max-width:auto and height:auto being applied to the image. However, I tested Kriesi’s demo site in IE8 and IE9 as well and the images appear and the width and height defined within the img src.

    I’ll tag the other team members to see if they have any ideas.




    We found this post and used this mini plug-in and it worked! Thumbnails and slideshow are displaying properly in IE8 (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -design


    FYI. An alternative to address this issue is in: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -ie8

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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