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    My client informed me today that her variation listings are giving her issues. She has a variable product listing with just one option that shows the correct price but when we add in a second option, the prices do not work at all.

    1) Photos

    She is able to add images to the slideshow, but is unable to re-order them. I sent a screencast and I was able to do this with no problems but when she tries to drag and drop them in the order she preferred, she says they jump back into the place they were before and no changes are made.

    Also, in the Variation section, we have images for each shape option but when a shape is chosen, the image relating to the shape does not appear on the product listing page. Her slideshow images are the ones with the white background that you can currently see on the product listing page but the images in the Variations section have a green fabric background with white polka dots.

    This is a problem on all variable listings—for those with both single and dual options.

    2) Prices

    Neither one of us can seem to get the prices shown in the Variation section to appear on the product page. I had bulk edited the price to be $5.50 but the product listing page currently shows $0. Only the shapes are listed in the Variation section with the color option for each shape being set to “any color”. Both shapes and colors are set in the Attributes section.

    Please advise! (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -cover-pockets-2/


    Hi Kristen,

    I’m forwarding this the rest of the support team in case they know of any solutions for you.




    Thank you!


    Hi Kristen,

    I’m a little unclear on the two issues going on. I’d also suggest trying to log in and make the changes to your client’s site as a second hand description makes it very likely your directions to the client are just not being followed correctly.

    If you could explain what the expected behavior is but what is currently happening that would be helpful as I’m just not quite clear on what is specifically malfunctioning and I don’t want to send you down the wrong path to solving an issue you aren’t having :)




    Hi Devin,

    Prior to first posting about my issue, I had sent her a screenshot showing her how to do these two things just to make sure there was no misunderstanding.

    She’s got the prices taken care of, from the last I’ve heard from her, but she is still having trouble moving the photos around with drag and drop in the slideshow area that’s above the product info area.

    Also, the images set from within the variation photo settings are not showing when either of us tries clicking an option to see the photo for that option.


    Hi Kristen,

    Check to see if there are any plugin conflicts that could be causing the normal drag and drop behavior to work incorrectly. If you can provide some additional information on exactly whats happening we can try replicating the issue to see if we can find a cause and solution.

    As for the image selection for variations, I don’t believe its a function that the theme supports. IE – selecting a variation from the product page will not cause the product image to change to that selection.




    Any news on when the fantstic Propulsion theme will be updated to include image selection for variations, so that the product image will change to the selection?

    Would really appreciate advice on this…



    Hi Dennes,

    The last time Kriesi addressed this I believe he said he would not be changing the functionality to do this as it would cause issues for anyone who updated after that point.





    I think this is a feature that a lot of people want. If an update is going to break something else on upgrade, include a warning and a method for properly updating. Don’t just screw those of us who want it, out of a feature that should have been included from the start. Not a great response.


    Hi FiddlerStudios,

    Although it has been requested a few times here on the support forums the decision is ultimately up to Kriesi to add in the functionality. If it is a must have feature for you, I would recommend looking into a freelance web developer who has experience with Woo Commerce.



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