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    Hey there … Im starting to figure out this WordPress world! … I love this theme but Im still struggling with the images. I Cant get the images to show up on the main page. but if you go into the Uncategorized section (link at the bottom of the home page) you will see the two test posts I have entered. Neither of the posts show up on the main page, the one image on the dangling dudes post i want to use on the home page as one of the 5 images (I think this theme supports up to five in the Accordion view), the the exact size of the images in your download. I set the image as the featured image in that post. Ive tried putting that post in a catergory and Ive tried it in the uncategorized. Neither seem to do the job. How do I go about getting posts to show up on the mainpage once again?




    I’m not sure why your images aren’t loading but the URL for images doesn’t load an image (e.g.×180.jpg)

    There are only a few possibilities:

    1.) The image doesn’t exist. If you definately uploaded the image and can preview it correctly this isn’t the problem.

    2.) A plugin / script (bear in mind that scripts forced on you by your host can interfere) is stopping images loading. Please try disabling any / all plugins.

    3.) Your .htaccess is blocking access to the images. I note that the image URL I posted above does not have a trailing slash but when you load the image, the URL is redirectedand a trailing slash is added.



    You’re right. The images where there but they were removed. I wanted to restore the theme to its original state, factory default if you will. So I deleted the theme and all its files …. but that didnt work. I just uploaded the images again and they appear once again. However the post are still not showing on the home page …. You will also notice the logo is to large for the header, I tried to fix that by adjusting the style.css sheet to the following …




    #top .logo, #top .logo a{







    border: none;

    padding: 0;


    z-index: 10;


    But this didnt make any changes … The logo on my home page is 150 x 167

    The only active plugin is jetpack …. and I havent made any changes to it.

    Thanks a million for your help


    I deleted everything including the database and uninstalled wordpress .. reinstalled and created a new database and now I can see the images on the home page and in my posts! … Something was wrong with the widgets … There were no right menus available … well its all good now! Thanks

    One other question … I want to make the logo larger … right now its about 95px high, is there a way to double the size of that header area so you can insert a larger logo? if I insert a larger one now it just goes over the first menu

    Thanks again!



    Glad you got this bug solved.

    Regarding the modified code you posted above, try removing the line for the top positioning (top: 13px); I tried this with Firebug and it improved the look of the header. Normally I’d say you should modify the position of other elements around the header but the background is controlled by an image so required editing if you want to do this.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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