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    I’ve tried copying the URL of my posts with thumbnail images to my facebook or social media sites, however, the feed is pulling the incorrect image. It is not pulling the image within the same post, but instead is pulling an image at the bottom of the footer and the image of the default silouette user image. Can you pinpoint where the problem is?



    have you tried facebook open graph plugins: ? To be honest I’m not sure why facebook pulls wired content in your case…


    No luck with open graph.


    Any updates on why the theme does not allow social media sites to pull the correct image?


    No sir – Newscast uses the standard wordpress post thumbnail function which is supported by most open graph plugins. Avisio, Newscast, Habitat & CleanCut. shouldn’t make problems here. Only newer themes like Velvet, Upscale, etc. use a custom image function and require adjustment. Maybe you can try to use the code from here: to add open graph meta tags to your website. I’d but the code before the closing head tag (header.php).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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