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    I would like to show some things on the homepage. First an image slider that shows the featured images of the latest entries in the portfolio. It would be great if it gets updated automatically each time I create a new entry.

    I would also like to ad the latest projects (eg 4 of them) in a row underneath the image slider.

    Same goes for the blog.

    Basically like the homepage is set up now:

    I set up a custom template, using the template builder, but it doesn’t show what I added… It only shows the titles for the blog and portfolio. Is this possible, or don’t I just get it? Or do I need a different theme for this?

    Thank you!


    Hi stefprein,

    Unfortunately the theme doesn’t have a way to automatically show the latest portfolio entries in the main image slideshow style. You’ll need to update them manually on a designated page.

    I don’t know know what you mean by latest projects, but if they are posts then you can add them individually (one each in a Column element with 4 columns). If its portfolio items, then you can just add a portfolio element to the Template builder for the home page in that area.

    For the blog, there is only the vertical display for an option which can be added to the template by adding a Blog element.

    If images aren’t showing up, make sure that you have added them on each post/portfolio entry where it says “Add featured media”.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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