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    Hi! What’s the recommended image size if using the full-width slider? If I choose a photo with lower height than in the demo, will the slider automatically adapt to that smaller height?

    Furthermore, if I want to add a sidebar and thereby make the slider less wide, what is the recommended slider image size in that case?



    1) Yes, the slider will adapt to the smaller height.

    2) All image sizes are defined in functions.php – the default fullwidth size is 930px width (and “unlimited” height based on the aspect ratio) and the page/sidebar template will use the same image but scale it down to the content container width.


    Thanks. Can I upload an image that is e.g. 400 px wide and then right-align it and have text show to the left of the image. Or should I rather upload an image that is 930 px wide in total with included white space beyond the 400 px width of the photo?




    If using the slider on a sidebar template, could you please find out what the slider image width will be resized into? Then I can upload an image with exactly that width instead of a 930 px wide one.



    Hi beijaflor,

    If you have a sidebar, the slideshow will be constrained to a 610px wide size. However, it will still use the 930px wide image size unless that width is changed in your functions.php. IE – The theme doesn’t create a different image for use in the slideshow specific for use on pages with a sidebar it just constrains the larger full size image to the smaller container size.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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