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    I’m using the ‘Retina 2x’ plugin and loving it. But, I fear my images are too large, and it might be blowing out bandwidth.

    Anyone got any experience on what resolution I should choose when I’m uploading the top slider image?

    When I upload the image through the media uploader, which ‘size’ should I be selecting? I’ve just uploaded my whole website without selecting any image size, and I fear I might need to go through and upload them again.

    The support page for the plugin says “do not use the wordpress ‘full size’ image, ever”, but I seemed to think that the ‘full size’ image was actually the one that we’re supposed to use for the slider at the top of the page… or am I confusing something?

    My website is and you can see an example of the large retina image here

    Any advice or wisdom?




    Hi Jodie,

    When adding images to the featured media section the theme actually completely ignores the size option you select and just grabs the base image, then uses the size needed based on that one.

    I don’t know what the plugin does after that, but there shouldn’t be a need to go back and re-do any image that was added into a theme option.




    Thanks, Devin.

    So what you’re saying is that if I upload a really big file, the theme will only display the size it needs, and not anything larger?

    Has anyone else had experience with using this plugin? I know others have mentioned it on these forums.

    Many thanks,




    I’ve turned off the Retina plugin, and when I go to the images at the top of the page (slider), and do a ‘save image’ and then see the size, the size is the original JPEG size, namely 2.2Mb for some of them (that’s big!)

    Now, when I upload those images, it seems to often hang on the ‘crunching’ section of the file. Not sure why… and not sure if that is contributing to the problem.

    Any thoughts?

    Cheers, Jodie.


    Hi Jodie,

    The theme doesn’t compress the files or anything (neither does wordpress really). So if you don’t want images that big you’ll need to us an image editor to shrink them down to a more appropriate web size.

    The theme functions just change the image size (which does shrink the size somewhat but not much).




    Cool. Thanks Devin.

    What recommendation do you have for the image size in pixels for the main slider image?

    I’ll go into Photoshop and re-crop them.

    Thanks so much,



    If you have photoshop you can experiment a bit to get the best pixel size to image size possible. Just do ctrl+alt+shift+s to save for web and then you can play with the pixel size and jpeg qualities to get something around 100kb for the big background image you have now. That way you can get a nice sharp image with a big enough size to look good across all devices.

    Somewhere around 1920px wide, 50 quality (on jpeg) should be a good starting point.




    Thanks so much, Devin.

    I’ll have a play with some different Save To Web settings, and see how they work with the Retina plug in, too.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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