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    Hello, can you please advise on how to solve this image distortion issue I’m having in all prettyphoto galleries. Note that I had changed no paremeters in the code and it worked fine in the beginning. The problem began when I created last prettyphoto porfolio galleries.!lightbox%5Bauto_group1%5D/6/



    Hi designer2929,

    I Just took a look a the page you linked but when viewing the images in the pop-up lightbox I don’t see distortion. Can you point me to a specific image that is having the issue?




    Hi Devin, thanks for looking into this. When I open any of the portfolio galleries and click on the images, they are slightly squashed vertically. The horizantal images are the ones effected not the verticals. I tested across three browsers and the problem seems to persist.


    I’m still not able to replicate the issue unfortunately. I’ve tested in Firefox, Chrome and IE just now on a windows7 machine and not able to notice any distortion of the images I try.

    Could you take a screenshot perhaps?


    Same issue here :

    Safari 5.1.7 / Mac OS 10.7.4 / Flashlight 1.4

    On first click, image is horizontally compressed. If I slightly resize the browser window and click again on the thumbnail, the image is no longer compressed.

    Screenshots :

    Image compressed

    Image OK


    Could you try updating your theme files to most recent version available from your downloads on themeforest. I believe it is up to version 1.7 now which has quite a few bug fixes/changes and updates.




    Just to help out … I noticed this as well, on, but not always. Spent time checking into it on a very old MacBook G4 Laptop (Safari), Win 7 and Vista laptops (both Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer), and a 27″ iMac (Chrome, Safari). On all computers and across all browsers I could force the issue by decreasing the browser window size to a certain point. Enlarge / maximize the window and everything was back to normal.

    Seems like this is a PrettyPhoto bug: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -ratio-in-some-cases/p1 (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    I get lost when reading those links, but that’s the summary of it. Seems that some of these and other solutions suggest hard-coding the size, which wouldn’t be a great solution. What do us end-users / Flashlight users need to do?





    You can edit js > prettyPhoto > js > jquery.prettyPhoto.js, just find this code

    (function($){$.prettyPhoto={version:'3.1.3'};$.fn.prettyPhoto=function(pp_settings){pp_settings=jQuery.extend({animation_speed:'fast',slideshow:5000,autoplay_slideshow:false,opacity:0.80,show_title:true,allow_resize:true,default_width:500,default_height:344,counter_separator_label:'/',theme:'pp_default',horizontal_padding:20,hideflash:false,wmode:'opaque',autoplay:true,modal:false,deeplinking:true,overlay_gallery:true,keyboard_shortcuts:true,changepicturecallback:function(){},callback:function(){},ie6_fallback:true,markup:'<div class="pp_pic_holder"> 

    Look for


    Or you can choose not to resize your images at all by changing this line





    Thanks everyone, problem solved!

    The solution was to reload all the images into the gallery and then click on EDIT IMAGE > SCALE IMAGE > Image Crop (put the dimensions you want) …. you have to do this for every image:(


    Hi, I tried Ismael’s solution in the edit js > prettyPhoto > js > jquery.prettyPhoto.js code.

    But this didn’t work. I left the the default_width:500 and chnaged default_height:313

    This didn’t change the default height at all though.

    Does anyone know how to make Ismael’s solution work???



    Hi jiwanprasad,

    You’ll need to change the values to what you need your minimum size to be in accordance to your images. So if you have images that are 600×900, you might want to try using 300×450 to keep the same scale ratio.



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