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    i have a problem with auto image resizer.

    I upload image and then i put URL in the field but i dont see the small preview and the medium prewiew. The URL is right. If I upload an image with the dimension of the small preview then aI can see that. Why?



    do you have a link to a page where this problem occurs?


    To you see the link to post “Ciao mondo” and i dont see the small preview.

    Going in the post page i don’t see the medium preview.

    Same in the portfolio pages (now it’s ok because I put each image with right dimension)



    you’re right. Your server can’t generate the thumbnails. Maybe talk to your hoster if there’re any known problems with the timthumb image generation script.


    On other sites (on same host) I use script for automatic thumbnails and works. So thanks also.


    Interesting. It seems like you’re in maintenance mode so i can’t post an example source code here but when I checked your timthumb resizing links they didn’t work (404 error) which indicates that something goes wrong. Maybe the timthumb.php file is missing?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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