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    I can not put the small picture of the product category, when I’m on the product page of the category I have a 404.

    Thank you for your help


    hey, i can solve your problem but i can reccomend you not using the demo files, i just had problems with this and like i understood you can´t update the theme… :)


    Thank you for answering me, but my problem is I can not put an image for the product gategorie.

    In the main product page I created a category, I upload an image and it does not appear.


    I’ll try not to use file demonstration

    thank you again


    I tried but I still have a 404


    This problem is really incomprehensible, if someone has already encountered this problem, I tried everything but still nothing.


    Well I just found the solution, I change the permalink in regulating and I set date and name and now it works.


    Hi Aaonwyse,

    I’m glad it was a simple permalink issue and naming fix that fixed the issue for you :)

    I’ll set this as resolved, thank you for posting the final solution!



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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