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    Hi there,

    1) Is it possible to add image on the mega menu? I tried using the code and paste it in the description box, but to no avail.

    2) I currently have three menus, and I’ve set one of them as the main menu, the rest are for the custom menu on footer widgets. Instead of showing the Main Menu as the main menu, it has showed my other menu as the main navigation. Might be a bug or conflict?

    Please advise.





    1) I think this isn’t possible at the moment – I’ll ask Kriesi though.

    2)Did you choose the main menu (menu Broadscope should use as main menu) on the left side (drop down box in the menu manager/editor).


    Unfortunatley wordpress strips the html code and I wasnt able to identify were the filter is applied yet. The only quick solution I can think of is to create an image shortcode. shortcode in general work and a img shortcode wouldnt be recognized as html tag:

    if you add this to your functions.php file you should be able to use images:

    use it that way:

    [img src='path/to/image.jpg']

    Thanks guys! It’s working great :)

    As for the main menu, I did select it from the drop down.


    Hi Kriesi, i were wondering just the same thing as ceativeluv – but when i add your pastie to functions i receive and error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/sweetwpn/public_html/testi/wp-content/themes/brightbox/functions.php on line 103



    Assuming you copied / pasted the code exactly as it was there shouldn’t be an error like this. Can you upload the content of functions.php to and link back to it here?




    I posted the corrected version here:


    Thanks, its working.


    ok its not working though, after i setup functions.php just like you pasted, after that when i am using media library image uploader i received error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/sweetwpn/public_html/testi/wp-content/themes/brightbox/functions.php:1) in /home/sweetwpn/public_html/testi/wp-admin/async-upload.php on line 26


    Menu is working ok and images are uploaded but that error shows after image has uploaded 100%


    Try to upload the unmodified functions.php and paste following code at the very bottom:

    function avia_sc_img($atts, $content = "", $shortcodename = ""){
    return '<img src="'.$atts['src'].'" alt="" />';



    Thanks Dude, it is working. Can you have a look another topic that i have posted? its about homepgae blog section and some missing captions.


    Glad that it’s working now :)



    I have question about the menu. Is it possible to use my own menu but still keep the mega menu there as a reference? When I try to switch the “main menu” in WP nothing happens




    I’ve tested it myself and it didn’t work for me too. Maybe the problem is caused by the content importer. You have to alter the menu or delete the original menu and create a new one.


    ok. will do.



    Cool. Just ask if you’ve any other questions :)


    Hi there,

    How may I allow the image to be linked to other URL? I want the users able to click on the image as well.




    Any idea on how I can add link on the image?



    Add following code to functions.php:

    function inoplugs_img($atts, $content = "", $shortcodename = "") {
    "url" => '',
    "img" => ''
    ), $atts));
    return '<a href="'.$url.'"><img src="'.$img.'" alt="" title="" /></a>';


    and use the shortcode like:

    [imglink url="" img="my.image.jpg"]


    I am trying to do the same thing by putting images in the mega menu. I pasted the code into my functions.php, I then put the shortcode in the text of the mega menu and it just shows me the raw shortcode.


    you can go to and hover over retirement programs to see what I see

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