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    I am wanted to be make the image at the top of the homepage much taller. (It only displays a small amount of the image’s depth) How do I correct this? Thanks.



    Do you mean the slider?




    It’s the top image with logo, name, etc., in the header. Maybe it is a slider? – II just put the single image in as I plan the layout for the site. (



    Hi Bradgentry,

    In that case, you’ll probably not want to use the slider for the image and instead just apply your background image directly to the body. IE:

    html, body {
    background: url(;




    Where does this code go?

    I am trying to put a banner at the top of every page, above the menu.


    Hi jason_r,

    You would want to add that code into your custom.css or Quick CSS under Theme Options > Styling.




    That just causes my banner to repeat for the whole page.

    I just want the banner at the top of the page, once.


    Hi Jason_r,

    You’ll need to add some additional properties to adjust it as you’d like. See:

    If you want a different banner on the top of each page, you’ll need to target each of your various pages using something like:

    body#top.home {
    background: url(;

    for the home page and {
    background: url(;

    where the ## is the page id for the specific page you want to have a different full screen background. You’ll also need to add the additional properties from the link above if you want it to not repeat, repeat, be left aligned/top or a combination of those.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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