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    Is it my imagination, or have i seen somewhere on the demo theme, that you can catually place text boxes on the slider?

    Also, on the in page images, I’m getting an issue with the placement – where by you push for image right, yet it keeps aligning left on page. To top this off, when you wrap the text it leaves no space to the side of the image making it look cheap and tacky. Ive tried both using the text editor and html manually.

    Page to view:

    Would love to hear your thoughts.




    Hi Darren,

    No, the slideshow in the theme only uses single images.

    The image on that page doesn’t appear to have any position class on it but it should have the .alignright class if you want it to align left. You can add it manually to the image in the pop image editor’s class field.

    It also has a 15px margin but you can always add more in the same area you add a class to an image in the wordpress image pop up window. See Within Posts here: (advanced settings tab)



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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