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    Hi at all. I have a little problem with the lightbox (i write here a lot of time.. i’m going to brake your b….).

    I’ve created a gallery using the standard wordpress method at this link (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -e-atlanta/ kriesi display support the lightbox preview ad it is very good! But if you go to the last image that is tall and narrow you can see that the small preview under the image is not in the correct position, is possible to fix this problem for the narrow pictures? And if i want to traduce the buttons “close” “next” etc.. where is the file that i need to modify? Thank you.

    #79946 this is the same problem, there are a lot of photos and the slideshow preview (when you open a photo) is not showed well… is possible to remove the preview under the image when you open it?

    Last question, i want to remove the preview image of the post from the gallery, can i do it?


    Hi heavymetaller,

    I believe you need to open the file js>jquery.prettyPhoto.js and change the code:




    to turn of the thumbnails in the lightbox.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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