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    Hi, I notice that the actual filename (imagename.jpg) will show on mouseover as an alt text. I find no solution on how to get rid of that. Any trick up your sleeve?


    You can try to remove the alt attribute with jquery so that the browser won’t show it if you hover over the image. In js/avia.js replace:



    title: ""


    Hmm, it didn’t work… You can have a look at the slider here:


    Maybe because I use the aviacordion slider?


    Maaan! This is soo simple to solve))

    STEP ONE: Load your PICs via standart “Featured Images” button.

    STEP TWO: Upload the actual iimage, then eddit ALT and NAME fields in it.

    STEP THREE: _DONT_ press “Use as a Featured image now”. Just click “Save” and close that window.

    FINAL STEP: In your post menu, click “add featured image”, go to the “Library” window, and from there, select you added image (which is now have you newly updated nametadALT). And now press “USE IMAGE”.

    Bingo. You have an image with new ALT tag




    I noticed thart it’s the title and not the alt description in your case. I adjusted the code above…



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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