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    Hi!!!, check this please

    When you go on each image, the description (tittle) of the image does not show at the right anymore and I do not know why.

    Thank you



    you need to fill the fields “Title”, “Alternative Text”, “Caption” and “Description” – this will also add the lightbox description(hover link desription to the image. Please click on “Save all Changes” after you enter the data and then on “…then close the window…” oderwise the changes won’t be saved.



    I did it…but still does not show please check, something happened, it used to work before!!!, a white rectangle with black fonts used to appears when you were on the picture.



    it seems to work fine for me, have you cleared your cache / strong refreshed(ctrl +f5) after you updated it? When I hover your first image it says

    El libro blanco. Primera imagen. Acuarela, tinta, esmalte y papel sobre papel. 20.5×14 cm. 2011.



    Thanks Chris, now it is working, it was a question of tooltips: i had settled “show no tooltips”.



    Glad you’ve solved the issue :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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