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    I can’t figure out this problem! Hope someone can help me.

    My portfolio has an entry called ‘Villa mansion at Amsterdam’ with an image attached of a nice house.

    When I enlarge this picture in the portfolio, the caption/description of the image underneath the picture is automatically the same as the title of the portfolio entry: ‘Villa mansion at Amsterdam’.

    I would like to have more separate lines in this description, to add names of the architects and year of realisation.

    How is this possible? Can the image caption/description show information that I type somewhere at the entry page of the portfolio?




    You can adjust the captions by editing the details for the image under Media in WP admin.

    Select the image you want to edit and change the “Caption” text.




    Thanks so much for your reply.

    I must be a noob though (at least I feel like one).

    Whatever I change, the caption underneath the zoomed picture (lightbox popup) from portfolio is still showing the title of the entry with the image attached to it. I can’t find a way to put my own information in the shown caption.



    Inline content respects the captions you set in WP Media Manager; the lightbox always displays the title.

    There’s no easy way to change this unfortunately.

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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