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    Hey guys.

    First, thanks for your responses to my other inquiries. Very helpful. I appreciate your patience and knowledge.

    I am uploading products to site, using the woocommerce plugin. The images I use as featured images which show on Shop Overview and Homepage pages are blurry. The images that show on Shop Detail page are fine. Can you provide guidance? The images are high quality for the web and are larger than the box size on Shop Overview and Homepage.





    the thumbnails are generated by WordPress. You need to hack the core files to change the jpeg quality value – eg see (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /


    My image quality is set to 90, which is pretty high. It’s odd it’s blurry on homepage and Shop Overview only, but clear on Shop Detail page. What else can I do?


    Hi there,

    I’m dealing with the exact same problem like michaelmate and was not able to solve it either so far. I would appreciate any suggestions concerning this issue, thanks.



    I am wondering if “regenerate thumbnails” ( as suggestet in the Woocommerce Catalogue options would do the job?


    Hey steinobert.

    I tried the regeneration, but no luck. I used a plugin to regenerate. I am still searching for answer.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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