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    I am creating a slideshow with both images and links to youtube videos. The youtube video images that appear on the slideshow are fine and have a great size, but my images are getting cut off and are making the slideshow continually adjust sizes. Either of these two problems does not look good for what I need.

    My images are 1920×1080 (as I am trying to give a great image in a lightbox) but they are getting cut off (mostly from the top and bottom). How do I get my images to fit completely (no cutoff) while also maintining the slideshow constant in size (with the youtube images)?

    Also, how can I remove/modify the “Interesting Links” just above the footer?



    Do you want to change how the lightbox crop your images? If that is the case you can open js > prettyPhoto > js > jquery.prettyPhoto then look for this code.


    Setting the allow_resize to false will turn off the image cropping when viewed on lightbox. You can let it stay set as true and adjust the default width and height.

    If you want to change the thumbnails for the slideshow, you can open functions.php and find this code.

    $avia_config['imgSize']['fullsize'] 		 	= array('width'=>930, 'height'=>930, 'crop'=>false);		// big images for lightbox and portfolio single entries
    $avia_config['imgSize']['featured'] = array('width'=>990, 'height'=>400 ); // images for fullsize pages and fullsize slider

    They are responsible for the sizes of the images on the slideshow and lightbox.




    Thanks Ismael.

    My main issue is about the actual size in the slider. The size and quality in the lightbox is a secondary issue.

    These are my main issues. They are related:

    1- My slider is having to adjust size every time the Youtube link/image appears, then as the next picture appears, it resizes and keeps steady through the other pics until the Youtube slide comes again.

    2- The pics appearing in my slideshow were not appearing in full (lots of the top and bottom were shaved off). I was trying to use 1920×1080 size images so that if clicked on, the lightbox would show this large size and detail. I cut my pics down to 640×360 as this size seems to minimize what is cut out and shown in the slideshow. The problem is that the quality is not as good and the lightbox pics are small and don’t show the detail.

    How can I get a large and responsive size to all my images appearing in the slideshow that:

    a) Don’t readjust slide size when changing from Youtube/URL to pic.

    b) Don’t cut off large parts of the original image

    c) Can use large image sizes so that detail is visible in lightbox

    not in the lightbox



    Sorry for the delay.

    1) There are six sliders in the theme, which one are you describing?

    2) Please let us know specifics (width, height, page, position) that you want since terms such as ‘larger’ can lead to misunderstandings.

    3) If you could show a url of what you are describing , it would greatly help us help you.

    To remove or change the interesting links its easiest to open includes/admin/register-widget-area.php and on line 161 replace the line below

    <h3 class='widgettitle'><?php _e('Interesting links','avia_framework');?></h3>


    <h3 class='widgettitle'><?php _e(' ','avia_framework');?></h3>






    Thanks Nick.

    Site is


    I increased the border top margin to make the box look better but there is a solid blue color there. How can I make that transparent so the background shows up there?





    For the exposed blue color, I think you didn’t ‘push down’ the ‘lowest’ panel, so the sliding panel that’s in the demo became exposed. If you could revert that edit, and instead place the code below into the Quick CSS in the Choices Theme Options > Styling in the backend:


    If you want to make the height smaller please change 3 to 2.9, and so on in the line of code above.


    Regarding the video size, the problem lies with the aspect ratio since some videos are not recorded in the same ratio as Youtube assumes.. Would you try using images in the slide show using the sizes 1920×1177 or 900×552. That should work if you keep to that ratio.

    The tiny Youtube menu on the top right corner of the video shows that this isn’t an error but Youtube deliberately resizing the video to make it conform to it’s expected aspect ratio.

    The only other non time consuming solution would be to move the video to Vimeo or self host it, which would immediately stop the auto re-sizing. I will make sure to drop a note to Kriesi as well as see if the rest of the support team came across this before.

    But please let us know how the new image ratios I suggested above work out for you.




    Thanks Nick.

    I will try the image sizes you recommend.

    Also, is there a way of making the footer transparent so I can see the background. I want to give it a full floating “box” effect.

    You had previously given me some code to grow the top margin. I was thinking of doing the same by using the footer.

    If you also have the code for the bottom margin that would be great.



    Hi jcmtp2,

    Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #footer {
    background-color: transparent;




    Thanks Devin.

    An issue with the lightbox came up. I have a page with links

    I had to re-arrange the order of these infographics because the lightbox was coming up when items were clicked on. Instead of going to the site where these items are located, they lighbox would appear. The problem is that the source of some infographics are within pages and not the image itself, so as the viewer clicks the Next Arrow in lightbox, at some point it hits an error.

    I am using lightbox elsewhere and so I don’t want to shut it down, but I’d like it to either work here or for a new page to open up when a pic is clicked to see the infographic.



    That’s a tough question, and I am ashamed to say I am stumped. I think prettyPhoto customization forum would be better equipped to take care of this. The got a few hundred experts there –>



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