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    Hello, I’ve been looking in the files, but I can’t seem to add the alt attribute to the images output in the theme and the title attribute on the links around the images.

    I would like the alt and title to be placed on the image for the 3 items on the home page, as well as the images on the portfolio and blog pages.

    All small and medium images should have these attributes pulled from the info entered in the Title and Alt in the media library.


    I am sorry, this is unfortunatley not possible, since those preview images are not linked to the media library, they just get displayed by the url that is entered into the input field. without linking to the media library (which I unfortunatley couldnt find a way to do yet) this cannot be achieved.


    How could I get the article title in there then, that is displayed right under it?

    $option doesn’t work, it’s blank. This is a property in the top of kriesi_build_image.php, yet it’s blank.


    ok that could be done the following way:

    open framework/classes/kclass_display_box.php and at line 126 change the build image call to the following:

    $preview = kriesi_build_image(array('url'=>$preview,
    'height'=> $this->prev_image_array,
    'width'=> $this->prev_image_array,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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