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    Hi – Im quite new with WP. I just bought the Euonia theme and i´m wondering if there is a Start up tut?. Or perhaps one very close to it ?.

    My basic frustration comes from not knowing how in which order i should start; Posts, Portfolio Items, Portfolio Categories or use another build in feature in the theme.


    Essentially i want to create a simple startup portfolio page with no slider in the top and 4 Rows with about 16 cases.

    Each case should lead to a post page with 1-(x) number of images and a text.


    Homepage/landing: 16 Gallery/portfolio Cases in 4 rows leading to 16 post.

    Static pages: Creative Services, About Me, Contact.

    Categories: Graphic Design, Concept Design, Concept Development, Sketches, Movies, Miscellaneous

    Other (don´t know where they fit in/or if they are needed): Storyboard, Styleboard, Moodboard, Logo, Branding, Industrial Design, Advertisement, Promotion, Event, Science Fiction, Futurism.

    Thanks in advance

    Stewart :)



    You can go to Eunoia > Theme Options then Import Dummy data. It will give you the basic setup to create every kind of pages. :)




    Thanks, i got quite a bit further ;)

    Thou in the process i unfortunately deleted the Contact page (template). I´ve compared the original theme files to those on the hosting server, but i can´t locate that specific file. Is there a fairly simple way to get that contact form back on track ?.





    The only contact form template I know is eunoiaincludescontact-form.php – make sure that this file exists in your eunoia theme folder.




    Hey Thanks Peter

    I checked and it´s there, but i deleted the Contact Page (Template, perhaps) when i go to my contact page, then choosing [edit this page] it´s says that the page cannot be edited cause it´s in the trash. Restore the page something…. I looked in the trash with all dates on, and it´s for shure not there.

    Hmmmm well don´t really know if i should make a total database reset ? or perhaps just overwrite the theme with the original backup ?

    Any suggestions…




    Hey – got it to work, just me being a noob with WP.

    Can you perhaps answer how i get rid of drop downs in the Main Menu ?

    Best Regards



    Furthermore i would like to change the “Send Us Mail” in the Contact form, since i´m only a one man company.

    How to do that ?

    Thanks in advance



    One More – Disabling the (link to) lightbox on portfolio items, going directly to the Post.

    As it is now, i´m getting a Lightbox when clicking a frontpage/portfolio item.

    When clicking that lightbox i get to a “post”.

    I would like to go directly to that Post from the front, No Lightbox.


    Stewart ;)


    Hi Stewart,

    For the menus, go to Appearance>Menus and use the menu manager to set up your menu. You can then assign the menu you create in the Theme Location box to the left the menus manager with the dropdown.

    For the contact form, open up includes>contact-form.php from your theme files and on line 10 is the text for Send us mail. Change that there and save the file back on your server.

    The invididual options for your portfolio items can be modified by clicking “Show” in the list of images for that portfolio item. It’ll be in the box where you first added those images in and once you hit Show the area expands to offer more detailed options (for that image). For the Link options, set it to go to the post when clicked and then repeat for all images.




    Thanks Devin, much appriciated ;).

    Here is a real WP noob question.

    Is there a way to control the order of my portfolio items, in basic setup? or via Euonia.

    Or do i need a plug-in to do that ?

    (With links i sorted it with the link rating)



    You need to manually edit the code to control the portfolio order. A plugin is advisable, try this one.




    Hi Ismael – I found that one too, but was not shure about it, i´ll try it out, Thanks ;)


    Hi sorenzen,

    Just to follow-up the basics on how to use the theme, you can check this video tutorial:

    The theme might not be the same but they both use the same framework. :)




    Thanks Ismael

    I actually get along quite fine with the Theme by now, but i hit the last two issues i really would like to solve.

    1. Lightbox

    I still get “lightbox” from portfolio and front page. I set the image (show) options to “Go to post” but it seems i have´nt got it right since it still pops the lightbox. I can click the lightbox and the “post” page opens. I really just want to go directly to the postpage in first click. ( i don´t´ like lightboxes much tbh).

    2. Post-type-order (plug-in)

    I installed the post type order plug in, and it seems like a good plug in. But i can´t get it to re arrange the order of my portfolio items.

    I have quiet a few different things to show on my coming portfolio site and i can´t “prep” em all before starting to post. But i really need to be able to put the most important cases up in the top and vice versa.

    I posted the question on forums but have not received any reply (yet). I´m thinking that the order of posts and items is one of the great user issues for people who want to use a WP theme for more homepage stile websites vs blog style.

    If one of you guys would look into this it would be a great thing. I would be willing to pay something to get this solved.

    Pls contact me if your interested.

    (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Best regards and thanks for your support.




    You can disable the lightbox, just go to js > avia.js and find this code

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

    Replace it with

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

    Regarding the plugin, once you installed it, you can go to Portfolio Items > Re-order. You can order the portfolio items manually.




    Thanks Again – got the lightbox disabled.

    Portfolio Item oder, does not work, but a programmer from the wordpress forums might look into it.

    Best Regards

    Stewart ;)


    Weird, i got the lightbox turned of replacing the avaj.js part, but later this day lightbox was on again. Tried to replace it again but with no effect. ?

    Just wondering what i´m doing wrong ?

    Stewart :|



    Maybe try to clear your browser cache. Sometimes the browser caches the files for some hours and your changes don’t take effect.




    Hey Peter – thanks – Yes sometimes it´s the simplest things, but i clear my browser cache several times a day.


    Hi sorenzen,

    Can you link us to the page that is getting the lightbox issue still. Perhaps we can spot what is going on live by inspecting the code a bit.




    Hey Devin – yes shure it´s:

    I was wondering what it would cost to get a little direct support on the setup from you guys directly. Have a few set up issues that i would love to have in correct set-up before i start loading content onto the site. You can contact me at (Email address hidden if logged out) or call me at +49 0177 3060 858 ( it´s in germany).

    Best Regards

    Stewart ;)


    I just checked your website and eg here (Purchase code hidden if logged out) or here: the lightbox is deactivated. Maybe you can point us to a page where the lighbox still works?


    Hey Peter – yes it´s true, when i follow the links posted by you the lightbox is out. But when i access the site for both chrome, safari and firefox going to the front i get the lightbox. Weird ? – must be some cashing issues. Anyway thanks for looking into it.


    Stewart ;)


    Vimeo Fullscreen vs Safari Browser.

    Question: can it be that the Safari Browser does not work properly when entering fullscreen mode on a Vimeo embedded vid ?

    I get: Goes to fullscreen mode, then shortly jumps back to page layout, but keeps the fullscreen mode within the post image area.

    (so one sees only a cropped part of the vid)

    Safari Browser: Version 5.1.7 (6534.57.2)

    System: Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

    No problems with FireFox and Chrome.

    Stew ;)


    Embedded Video Layout

    Is there a work around to avoid the black (caption) areas above and below an embedded video ?.

    (Basically i want to see the video framing (full width page) only and not having a portrait box layout, with the vid in the middle)



    Hi Stewart.

    I believe its dependent on the actual video file aspect ratio. Otherwise the video just adapts to its container.





    You are using an old version of Safari. Please consider updating to Safari 6.02 on your device.



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